About Underwater FLA

Underwater FLA is a program that harnesses the power of art to create awareness about rising sea levels and engage neighbors to take action to solve the most urgent crisis of our times: climate change.

We bring neighbors together to learn about how climate change affects where they live, work, and play and inspire action to address the impacts of sea level rise. As a united group, we support our community-based allies as they advocate for clean energy and resilience solutions from our lawmakers.

Underwater FLA was inspired by and born from a participatory public art project called Underwater HOA, which was started in partnership with artist Xavier Cortada in 2018. The Village of Pinecrest hosted the very first Underwater HOA meeting in January 2019.

Interest in allied advocacy is growing across Florida, and because of our commitment to environmental justice, we have expanded the initial Underwater HOA program to make it more inclusive.

Underwater FLA serves all Floridians. Because we know that sea level rise and climate change bring greater and more immediate harm to low-income communities and communities of color, the program focuses on amplifying voices in all impacted neighborhoods, regardless of home ownership or zip code.



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How to Advocate for Environmental Justice


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Washington Post: 'Underwater' homeowners group promotes climate change action (photo by Wilfredo Lee/Associated Press)