The following are key bills that conservation partners tracked during the 2017 legislative session.

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Bills that sought to appropriate funds from the Water and Land Conservation Amendment:

SB 10 and HB 761 - Water Resources - Including the Negron Reservoir Plan, water resource and development financing program, and water storage facility revolving loan fund

SB 112 and HB 613 - Relating to Flood Hazard Mitigation

SB 234 and HB 847 - Land Acquisition Trust Fund - Allocating $35 million of Water Land Conservation Amendment to St. Johns WMD

SB 816 and HB 1211 - Relating to the Central and Southern Florida Project for Flood Control and Other Purposes - Providing for repairs to Hoover Dike and requiring storage up to 19ft before discharges would be allowed

SB 874 and HB 551 - Nutrient Pollution from Onsite Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems - Allocating $20 million to St. Johns WMD to fund septic tank conversion/removal in the Indian River Lagoon

SB 982 and HB 1033 - Implementation of the Water and Land Conservation Constitutional Amendment - Allocating $15 million to St. Johns WMD and $15 million to South Florida WMD for land acquisition, recreation in the Indian River Lagoon region

SB 1082 and HB 663 - Implementation of the Water and Land Conservation Constitutional Amendment - Allocating 12.5% or $100 million to DEP for water supply and water resource development

SB 1590 and HB 1213 - Relating to Coastal Management - Allocating 7.6% or $50 million to DEP for projects that preserve and repair beaches; revising criteria for prioritizing and funding beach management, inlet management, and erosion control

During the legislative session, calendars are updated at the end of the week to reflect bills that are scheduled to be heard before a committee or chamber.

The 2018 legislative session begins on January 9, 2018. Committee weeks will begin in September 2017, though the official schedule has not yet been announced.

Senate Committees

Agriculture Committee: Keith Perry (Chair), Kevin Rader (Vice Chair)
Appropriations Committee: Jack Latvala (Chair), Anitere Flores (Vice Chair)
     →  Appropriations Subcommittee on Environment & Natural Resources: Rob Bradley (Chair), Lauren Book (Vice Chair)
Communications, Energy & Public Utilties Committee: Frank Artiles (Chair), Bill Montford (Vice Chair)
Community Affairs Committee: Tom Lee (Chair), Jeff Clemens (Vice Chair)
Environmental Preservation & Conservation Committee: Lauren Book (Chair), Rob Bradley (Vice Chair)
Rules Committee: Lizbeth Benaquisto (Chair), Dorothy Hukill (Vice Chair)

House Committees

Appropriations Committee: Carlos Trujillo (Chair), George Moraitis, Jr. (Vice Chair)
     →  Agriculture & Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee: Ben Albritton (Chair), Charlie Stone (Vice Chair)
Commerce Committee: Jose Felix Diaz (Chair), Bryan Avila (Vice Chair)
     →  Agriculture & Property Rights Subcommittee: Tom Goodson (Chair), Elizabeth Porter (Vice Chair)
     →  Energy & Utilities Subcommittee: Kathleen Peters (Chair), Eric Eisnaugle (Vice Chair)
Government Accountability Committee: Matt Caldwell (Chair), Charlie Stone (Vice Chair)
     →  Natural Resources & Public Lands Subcommittee: Holly Raschein (Chair), Ben Albritton (Vice Chair)
Rules & Policy Committee: Jose Oliva (Chair), Shawn Harrison (Vice Chair)
Ways & Means Committee: Jim Boyd (Chair), Colleen Burton (Vice Chair)
Select Committee on Triumph Gulf Coast: Jay Trumbull (Chair), Clay Ingram (Vice Chair)

This is where we list all of the events and lobby days at the Capitol organized by our conservation parters, as well as a few others you might be interested in. Please let us know of any others you think we should post here!

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