Our Mission

We engage people in our democracy to protect our environment and healthy communities for everyone.

Clean Energy and Climate

Florida could be at the forefront of shaping a clean energy future.

We have the potential to be among the top three solar-producing states in the country, yet Florida has been held back by the utilities that profit more from continuing our dependence on fossil fuels. While Florida policymakers have actively repressed solar growth, Florida voters overwhelmingly support solar.

Sparked in part by two solar ballot initiatives in 2016, awareness and support for progressive solar policies in Florida are growing. Solar industry groups, neighborhood solar co-ops, environmental organizations and civic groups are ramping up efforts to promote solar. With our proven track record of advocating for progressive environmental policy, combined with our growing base of solar supporters, FCV Ed Fund is taking a leadership role in advancing Florida’s solar energy future.

In addition to securing a sustainable, renewable energy future for Florida families, FCV Ed Fund is committed to working with partners to ban fracking in Florida. With 90% of Floridians relying on the underground aquifer for their drinking water, fracking poses threats to public health that make this controversial technique not worth the risk. With the reality of climate change and sea-level rise impacting our coastal communities, we must focus on clean, renewable energies like solar.

Public Lands and Water

Floridians want more conservation lands protected.

Going back to 1963, Florida voters and elected officials have dedicated significant state and local funding to protect our state’s most important natural areas and provide access for visitors and residents alike to experience the "real" Florida. As recently as 2014, when Florida voters passed the Water and Land Conservation Amendment with 75% approval, Floridians have demonstrated their commitment to protecting Florida’s natural lands. Now, we must be ever-vigilant in making sure policymakers dedicate conservation money as voters intended - to fund award-winning land buying programs like Florida Forever for the betterment of all Floridians.

Leveraging our relationships with both policymakers and other conservation leaders, FCV Education Fund will lead the charge to enlist policymakers to become outspoken advocates for public lands, while mobilizing activists to be defenders of our local, state and national parks systems.


We are committed to ensuring fair and just participation in the electoral process by all Floridians.

We work with partners to expand the circle of people who are registered to vote, defend Floridians' right to vote, and educate voters on the political process outside of election time.